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Dynamic Heroine Templates! Digital book download

Dynamic Heroine Templates! Digital book download

This is the perfect companion to volume one which features different male physiques. Now you can bring your female character design ideas to life with this book!

When I was a kid learning to draw, I had a lot of character design ideas rolling around in my head but I wasn’t at the talent level I envisioned in my head to put them down on paper in a way I was happy with. That’s the reason I created "Dynamic Heroine Templates" so whether you are an aspiring artist or someone that likes to create characters but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to draw an accurate figure now you can just open this book and start creating your characters over my blue line figure templates! 

Instead of a crude drawing of a figure that doesn’t show your design in the best light now, you can design over the professional figure and head templates that will showcase your design at a professional level!

You can work over my templates digitally or print them out to work on paper!

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