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Andy Smith, a highly accomplished comic book artist, has been captivating readers since 1991. With an impressive track record working for renowned publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, Acclaim, and Cross Gen Ent, Andy's talent knows no bounds. Not only has he lent his artistic prowess to comic book projects, but he has also dazzled clients such as Athlita Entertainment/Chicago Bears, The Idaho Potato Commission, and Disney with his commercial work. Andy's success as an author is equally remarkable, with his book "Drawing Dynamic Comics," published by Watson-Guptill in 2000 and currently in its seventh printing, achieving best-selling status. Following this triumph, Andy published his second book, "Drawing American Manga Super-heroes," in 2007, also under Watson-Guptill's banner. Now, Andy has embarked on a captivating journey of his own, creating awe-inspiring comics under his very own Astonishing Comics brand! Prepare to be amazed by the phenomenal worlds Andy has crafted for us to explore.

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