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Kor-Drath: the Reckoning is an epic combination of Conan and Game of Thrones, infused with the fantastical elements of Dungeons and Dragons. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring world of The Shattered Reach!

Embark on a thrilling journey with star-crossed lovers, Kor-Drath and Adryana, as they seek vengeance for the merciless destruction of his tribe. However, the danger they encounter is far more treacherous than they had ever anticipated.

Following the ruthless massacre of Kor-Drath's Red Lions tribe by the relentless undead, he and his companion, the Sorceress Adryana from the sister Tribe, the Black Eagles, embark on a quest to exact retribution upon those responsible. Little do they know that they will encounter enemies ranging from undead creatures to ferocious demons, revealing a web of deception and revelation. Amid this perilous game, the lovers soon realize that they are mere pawns manipulated by far greater forces.

Guided by the cunning Necra-Knight and the enigmatic Lilineth, the horde of undead is unleashed upon the Red Lions tribe, leaving a brutal trail of devastation in its wake. Their objective? To secure an ancient artifact that, when united with others, will bestow unimaginable power upon its possessor.

Indulge in this compelling tale filled with action, suspense, and a rich blend of fantasy genres. The fate of Kor-Drath and Adryana hangs in the balance as they navigate a world fraught with peril and uncover the secrets of The Shattered Reach.

Interior pages!

Dive into the heart-pounding first 8 pages of Kor-Drath: The Reckoning. His quest starts with a bang – click through to experience the action for yourself.

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