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1stMAN Vol. 2

1stMAN Vol. 2

Luke Henry is the 1stMAN!

Uniting with the galactic champion, A’pollo, and imbued with the 10 Essences, Luke was granted the power to help defeat the Dark One, Monarch and prevent the universe from falling under his evil dominion.

Now Luke has decided to use his powers for the good of the earth, becoming its champion and protector, The 1stMAN!

But his efforts have drawn the attention of The Fourth World Foundation, a team of scientists who are eager to understand Luke’s newfound powers and see if they can be applied to some of their own interests. But are they friend or foe, and who is the mysterious being, Adonis, who seems to understand Luke’s powers better than Luke does himself?

Despite his great powers, Luke is still young and inexperienced. Let’s hope he keeps his guard up!

At the end of 1stMAN volume 1, it was revealed that A’pollo survived the battle against the evil Monarch by merging his soul with the Dark One, and he and his love Penumbra returned to their home in the High Science City on Kr’Atomm’s second moon, Delphis, to resume their lives as Kr’Atomm’s top scientists and heroes.

But it’s beginning to appear that Penumbra hasn’t fully resigned herself to her husband’s new appearance, riding shotgun in Monarch’s physical aspect. And what are these strange sensations stirring within A’pollo’s being? Could it be that the dark one Monarch was not completely destroyed after all? Does A’pollo still harbor vestiges of the evil being within him?

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