Packages available. A. Drawing Dynamic Comics, Draw American Manga Superheroes, and 1st Man #1-$50.00 B. Drawing Dynamic Comics and 1st Man #1-$ 27.00 C. Drawing Dynamic Comics and Draw American Manga Superheroes-$35.00.

This is the second book I’ve written and is now out and available! Get it from me for $25.00 and that includes postage and a free sketch inside!

Drawing Dynamic Comics

Get the best-selling book straight from the author! “Drawing Dynamic Comics” is currently in it’s seventh printing. $25.00 postage paid and the book will include a free sketch on the


1st Man issue 1 1997

This is the only issue I had published back in 1997. Postage paid $5.00. Signed upon


Armor X

Armor X issue #1-4. Sold out! Get your copies of the set signed for $10.00 postage included!