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Accomplish visual storytelling and production by penciling, inking, and coloring artwork.

Implement technical knowledge of anatomy, perspective, architecture, and design.

Control pace and timing while conveying action, drama, and suspense.

Able to utilize dramatic lighting, camera angles, page layout, composition, and scene design.

Manipulate character expressions and body language to communicate emotion.

Research all types of architecture, transportation, costumes, weapons, and animal life.

Consult with writers, artists, art directors, and editorial staff to assure quality control.

Adapt artistic styles and techniques to suit project.

Meet strict deadlines and multiple projects.

Draft storyboards for various projects including film, television, and computer graphics.


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 University of North Carolina Charlotte: Adjunct Professor Sequence and Story spring semester


 University of North Carolina Charlotte: Adjunct Professor Figure in Illustration fall semester

 2008 – 2008:

 University of North Carolina Charlotte: Adjunct Professor Sequence and Story spring semester

2008 – 2010:

 Greater Media Charlotte 107.9 The Link, Charlotte, NC. (On air talent co-host of The Not So Better Half Show)

Evans, Hardy and Young, Santa Barbara, CA. (Advertising company, Idaho Potato Commission illustrations)

2003 – Present:

 Harper Collins Publishing, New York, NYE (Illustrator)

Titan Publishing, UK (Illustrator)

Dabel Brother’s Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia (Illustrator)

DC Comics, Inc., New York, NYE    (Illustrator)

Wildstorm Entertainment, San Diego, California (Illustrator)

Marvel Comics, New York, NYW (Illustrator)

Course Crafters, Newbury Port, MA   (Illustrator/Creative Director)

Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA   (Illustrator)

Green Ronin Publishing, Seattle, WA   (Illustrator) Character Design

Brooklyn Star Entertainment, Orlando, FL   (Illustrator)

Paizo Publishing/Dungeon Magazine, Video game character design        Bellevue, WA   (Illustrator)

2000 – 2003:

Cross Gen Entertainment, Oldsmar Florida

Editor: Work with Freelance Artists to schedule deadlines and coordinate artwork completion.  Research available new artist to best fit the various titles/styles.  Also responsible for working with the Production staff on design, all aspects of layout, art, lettering, and proofing the comic books.

Art-director: Work with the senior Creative-director to over see production and scheduling of monthly comic books.

Staff Artist: on one of the company’s monthly comic books: The First

 1991 – 2000:

Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. – New York, NYE   (Illustrator)

DC Comics, Inc.- New York, NYE   (Illustrator)

Image Comics, – CA   (Illustrator/Writer)

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. – New York, NYE   (Illustrator)

Watson-Guptill Publications – New York, NYE   (Writer/Illustrator)          “Drawing Dynamic Comics” published in 2000 and currently in it’s seventh printing.

Bally’s Total Fitness – Orlando, FL   (Illustrator)

1993 – 1995:

 Ominous Press – Syracuse, NYE

Art-director: Work with owner/publisher to help design and create the over all theme of the comic books. Approve and work with artists on the layout and design of comic books. Over see the in house artists on development of toy designs for Toy-Biz. Instruct the in-house artists on the studio style used for toy design work.

Editor: Work with in house art staff on production of the comic books. Oversee and proof comic books before publication.

Staff artist: Create and produce various toy designs/model sheets for Toy-Biz. Create artwork for monthly comic books.