Personal Stuff

In 2004 I did a drawing for my daughter’s room for Christmas. The theme is always my character 1stMan with whatever character she is really into at the time.

Not the best sidekicks!
2004-This was her second Christmas and what two year old isn’t into Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh!

Not too bright!
It was 2006 when I thought it would be cool to do one of these for her room every Christmas. At the time she was in love with Shaggy and Scooby Doo!

Superma….er Sponge Bob to the Rescue!

Well in 2007 like most 4 year olds she loves Sponge Bob, I can’t blame her…funny stuff!!! Also decided to color this one in Photoshop and do a whole comic book

cover theme.

Firstman and The Backyardigans

In 2008 my little girl was all about The Backyardigans, even saw them in concert…great show! And in one episode they were super-heroes so it worked out perfect for me to do this for her!

Hannah Montana and Firstman
What little girl isn’t in to Hannah Montana! Mine sure is and last year that was the theme for her Christmas art! Gotta’ keep the tradition going!

Garfield’s Petforce has a new member!

Pure Heart the Powerful has competition!

 1st Man and Pikachu!

1stMan and Pikachu