Personal commission done for the client's son as a Christmas present.
Personal commission done for the client’s son as a Christmas present.

The Phantom!

Legion Cover based on Green Lantern Cover

Dark X-men

The Mighty Avengers!

Cave Woman Superman

Avengers Cover Recreation

Green Lantern and Green Arrow copyright DC Comics

Frank Frazetta Tribute art

Animal Man



Fan’s custom Heroes 24×11

X-men 24×11

Green Lantern


Mr. Terrific


Ms. Marvel

Wonderman and The Shield 2

Indiana Jones

Power Girl

Wonder Woman

Wrecking Crew!

Jester Press pin-up

This is a

Green Lantern Copyright 2006 DC Comics

Black Canary Copyright 2006 DC Comics

Captain America Copyright 2006 Marvel Comics

Omac Copyright 2005 DC Comics

Superman Copyright 2005 DC Comics

Knighthawk Copyright 2005 Neal Adams

Apollo and Midnighter copyright Wildstorm Ent.


Superman copyright DC Comics

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt copyright Hanna Barbara

Firstman copyright Andy Smith, Spiderman copyright Marvel Comics

Tom Strong copyright Wildstorm Ent.

Giantman and The Wasp copyright Marvel Comics

He-man copyright Mattel toys.

The First copyright CrossGen Ent.

Superman copyright DC Comics

Batman copyright DC Comics